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Auf unbestimmte Zeit
nicht im Angebot!!


Auf unbestimmte Zeit
nicht im Angebot!!

What is a commissioned work?
Oil paintings and murals were part of artistic creativity for centuries. Besides the church, royal and princely houses were important clients for artists and painters.
You can ask me to create a work especially for you and according to your wishes, even without being his patron.
In terms of price, such a work will not differ from her already completed works.

Reasons for a commissioned work

You love a work of art, but it is much too big or too small for your home.
You liked a work of art that has already been sold and you want one in the same style.
Perhaps you would even like to commission a portrait - the perfect gift for your loved ones!
There are several good reasons to want a commissioned work.

How does it work to order a commissioned work?


Contact me and let me know what kind of artwork you would like.


You will be given a price proposal and the time needed to create the work.


You can pay the agreed amount online as usual. A commissioned work does not differ in price from the already created works.


You will be continuously sent photos of the painting so that you can follow its development. I need 1 to 2 days per picture.

The delivery is free of charge worldwide, and it is the same as with any purchase at Eigenleben: If you do not like the finished work, the return is possible within 14 days. The delivery usually takes an average of 3 days inside Germany.

You will reactivate your drawing potential and will be motivated to document your environment with pen and paper beyond the course. You will get to know new people, places and techniques. Urban Sketching is a wonderful way to centre yourself - to ground yourself. The result is directly visible, makes you happy and gets better from exercise to exercise. Drawing and painting is an activity and skill that can be done anytime and anywhere and will noticeably enrich your everyday life!

It does not matter if you are an artist or if you have not drawn since childhood. For advanced draughtsmen I give helpful tips to improve their urban sketching. Beginners will be encouraged and instructed how they can have fun with open-ended drawing in order to be motivated to continue drawing after the course.


Sketch Your Way will be the highlight of your holiday and will be remembered forever. This workshop is a great gift for birthdays or other occasions such as company outings or bachelor parties.

Skyline of Leipzig: We stroll in the centre and sharpen our view on the facades of the varied skyline of Leipzig or catch passers-by in quick sketches.


per person for 2 hours
25,00,- Euro


Please place your booking request here in the chat, by email or call me directly on 0049 176- 830 898 79. 




Dear Anna,

I have been following your artistic work for several years. Since the purchase in your studio store was a logical consequence. This edition gives me a good overview of your paintings and inspires me very much. Your works radiate an impressive diversity and cause the viewer to critically examine the matter. I look forward to many more works! Thanks also for the insight into your artistic work on your Instagram channel!

Hey Anna,
you make really quite great, interesting pictures! The black and white ones make a particularly great impression! 😊

Love from Cologne

Really great stuff cheeky, humorous, bubbly, lively, superlativistic, most awesome your art. I must subscribe immediately.

B. M.

Hello Mrs. Härtelt,

am excited about the brochure and looking forward to it very much. Your work, which I know so far only about Instagram, I like very well and I also think it's terrific how you incorporate the theme of their own children. Great pictures and also great website!


Much inspiration and strength continue to bring everything always so under a hat, I personally find that extremely encouraging :-))


Best regards


W. Brordhaas

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