The family - in the narrower sense of the term, the community of married parents and their children, i.e. the nuclear family, and in the broader sense, the "group of all related persons", the extended family or clan. Today, this traditional model is often replaced by other forms of life. The family, in whatever form, is the smallest but one of the most important mediators of social and ethical values. On the one hand, it means love, security, safety and cohesion, but also authority, dependence, reprimand and role-fixing. Especially today, when social

hardship, high divorce rates, domestic violence, increased generational conflicts and child abuse deny an unclouded view of the life model "family", my view can only be ambivalent.

Equal and inseparable from the content of the picture is the form of implementation. The theme is translated graphically into drawings and prints. The immediate production process of a drawing or graphic print can be read allegorically to the picture content. It is difficult to take back every trace set on the picture carrier, even process in life. For me, the artistic design of the picture is closely connected with the drawing technique or with the technique of a certain printing process. Thus, the subordinate cycles are not divided into sub-themes of the institution "family", but into the techniques used: chalk, ink and mixed media (watercolour, ink, chalk) or the graphic arts.

(father), mother, child is a long-term artistic series of experiments or long-term study and a documentation of many careers. Together, parallel to each other, my artistic skills and understanding of art are updated to the further development of the people portrayed and their connections to each other.